Yoast SEO Premium Free Download v15.1.1 [Latest Version]

Yoast SEO Premium Free Download[Latest Version]

Yoast SEO Premium Plugin Free Download – Yoast SEO is a well known and #1 SEO plugin for WordPress. There are two versions available for this plugin Yoast SEO (Free) and Yoast SEO Premium (Paid). Yoast SEO works perfectly on all types of websites or blogs for SEO purposes. Yoast SEO premium has some nice to have features that help you to write better and fully optimized content for search engines. The free version of this plugin also has tons of amazing features to increase your site presence in search engines, but if you need more advanced features, then you must go for the premium version.

Yoast SEO Premium adds an SEO box just below the post edit page. This Yoast SEO box allows you to edit the post title and description for your blog post. If you want to show different post titles in search results, then you can do it by using the snippet editor section. It also analyzed the content of the post and showed you some recommended steps to improve the SEO of that post. With Yoast SEO, you don’t need any other plugin to create XML sitemaps; it automatically creates one for you. This plugin does all the things that SEO plugin is made to do. In short, we can say that Yoast SEO Premium WordPress plugin helps you to boost the SEO of your site quickly without any hassles.

Core Features of Yoast SEO Premium WordPress SEO Plugin

  1. Social Media Preview: It shows how our post will look like when it is shared on social media sites Facebook and Twitter. You can even upload a different image of your own choice for both social sites. In short, this feature helps you to customize your post share look on social media.
  2. Redirection Manager: Helps in redirecting Old URL to new ones to prevent 404 not found errors.
  3. Internal Linking Suggestion: This shows you the links or posts that are relevant to the current post you’re working on. You don’t need to search your site manually to find related links for interlinking. That saves lots of time.
  4. Multiple Focused Keyword: This allows you to add numerous focused keywords up to 5. So, you can target more users by optimizing your post for multiple related keywords. The free version allows you to add only one focused keyword.
  5. Orphaned Content Filter: Yoast SEO Premium plugin creates another tab called orphaned content in posts page on your WordPress dashboard. In this tab, all posts which never got any links from other blog posts or pages are listed.
  6. Cornerstone Content Filter: It lists your highest-ranking posts or pages that you should keep up-to-date in the cornerstone content tab.

Yoast SEO Premium Changelog:

What’s New in Yoast SEO Premium v15.1.1 

  • Fixes a bug where a fatal error would be thrown on the post edit screen in cases where SEO data had never been indexed.
  • Adds buttons to easily add related keyphrases from the SEMrush integration.
  • Improves the styling of the link suggestions by adding labels and showing just one list of items.
  • Adds an activation link to the plugins overview page that is shown when your plugin is not activated in MyYoast.
  • Always shows a link to the FAQ on the plugins overview page.
  • Fixes a bug where the related links block would throw an error when the meta box was disabled.
  • Integrates the internal linking suggestions indexing tool on the tools page into the general indexing tool of Yoast SEO.
  • Adds integration with SEMrush to search for and compare the search volume of related keyphrases.
  • Improves the user experience of the indexing tool on the tools page by showing its progress on the tools page itself, instead of in a separate pop-up modal.
  • It also Includes every other change done in Yoast SEO v15.1.1 free version.

Source: Yoast SEO Premium Changelog

Sales Page of Yoast SEO Premium – No.1 WordPress SEO Plugin

Go to: https://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/seo/

Upgrade from free version

If you are upgrading from the free version, please update to the most recent version of the free plugin first. Once you have the current free version, please deactivate the free version prior to upgrading to premium. After the upgrade, you can safely remove the free version as you no longer need it. When you remove the free version you may expect all your SEO data and settings to be transferred to the premium version.

Install Yoast SEO Premium

Source: Yoast .com

How to install the Yoast SEO for WordPress Premium plugin: a video manual.

Installing the premium version is a little different than the free version because it’s a downloadable plugin and not one found in the free WordPress plugin repository.

If you are upgrading from the free version, please update to the current version and deactivate the plugin before installing premium.

  1. Log in to your WordPress website.When you’re logged in, you will be in your ‘Dashboard’.
  2. Click on ‘Plugins’.On the left-hand side, you will see a menu. In that menu, click on ‘Plugins’.
  3. Click on ‘Add New’.The ‘Plugins’ settings will expand providing you additional options. Click on ‘Add New’.

    * If you do not see the ‘Add New’ option, your site is part of a network. Please install the plugin through the network admin under ‘My Sites’ > ‘Network Admin’
  4. Click the ‘Upload Plugin’ button near the top of the screen.Screenshot of the upload plugin button on the add plugins screen
  5. Click the ‘Choose File’ button.Browse to the folder where you saved the plugin download and select the plugin zip file.Choose file button
  6. Click ‘Install Now’.This may take a while so be patient.

    If you get an error message like “file is too large” or “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini” you can contact your host or check our Common Installation Errors.
  7. Click ‘Activate Plugin’.If you have a network install, you will see the option to ‘Network Activate’. To activate the plugin for all sites within the network, click ‘Network Activate’. Otherwise, go to the individual site’s plugin list and click ‘Activate Plugin’.
  8. If you are upgrading from the free version, you can safely remove the free plugin now.All previously entered Yoast SEO data and settings are now available in the premium plugin.
  9. Please follow the steps to connect your subscription to the installed and activated plugin on your site. (Only if you have a Yoast Subscriptions)

Free Download Yoast SEO Premium v15.1.1 (Latest Version) – #1 WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO Premium Free Download
Source: yoast.com

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Yoast SEO Extensions Free Download

This package includes following extensions for Yoast SEO Premium Plugin:

  1. Local SEO v13.6 [Updated on October 01, 2020]
  2. Video SEO v13.3 [Updated on August 19, 2020]
  3. News SEO v12.6 [Updated on August 19, 2020]
  4. WooCommerce SEO v13.6 [Updated on October 01, 2020]

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Yoast SEO Premium  Alternative

All in One SEO Pack Pro Free Download

Yoast SEO Premium  Best Alternative:All in One SEO Pack – Best WordPress SEO Plugin and Toolkit

Yoast SEO Premium  Best Alternative:All in One SEO Pack – Best WordPress SEO Plugin and Toolkit

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